My Personal Playing Tips

These are my personal playing tips. Mind you, I'm not a professional nor am I qualified to call myself an expert in pool, but every tip is welcome, right?
Also, I haven't got the use of a scanner at the moment, so I can't illustrate my ideas with pictures, but I've got a few links on the bottom of the page, where you can get more tips.

Anyone wishing to share his own playing tips, or anyone with a comment on mine or on anything else please mail me!

1. HAVE FUN!. This sounds pretty logical right? Well, alot of people never heard of this. It all depends on how you want to play the game, if I want to just have fun, I'll go to a "two- bucks-a-play" table. But if I want to play seriously, I'll go to a real poolcenter, and play for hours, sometimes even an hour or six, straight. ;)

2. ALWAYS AIM YOUR SHOTS. Sounds logical too, right? Well, alot of people don't do this. As a rule, I always try to aim every shot, I'll aim an easy one, a hard one and an inpossible one. After you've played a long time, you start to aim automatically, but still I try to aim those easy shots!

3. HOW TO AIM. This is my personal way of aiming. A friend of mine taught me this method a few months ago. At the moment he taught me, my game was bad. My game then turned from bad to terrible. But after a few more hours playing, I got the hang of it. Now I feel like I can pot any ball, any day!

The way to

Look at figure 1 (I don't have a scanner, but I do have paintbrush! :)). It doesn't matter where you hit the #2 ball, the #3 ball will go in the "pocket". You can shoot from any place the three cue balls are placed. Now using this information, we have a way to aim balls. If you would remove the #2 ball, where would you have to hit the #3 ball to let it go in the pocket? Right, if you let the cue ball hit the #3 ball in exactly the same place the #2 ball was, the #3 ball goes in the pocket! So any shot you play, you just imagine a ball touching the ball you want to pot, and in a straight line to the pocket!

4. TAKE YOUR SHOTS RELAXED. Also logical, but I see alot of players out there moving their cues in a very shokky motion. If you ever have snooker tournaments on tv, or if you're lucky enough to go to one live, then look at the way the pro's aim and shoot. While they're aiming behind the cue ball, their cues move easily and relaxed. That's what you want. And when you actually play the shot, KEEP RELAXED! Look at the snooker players, when they're ready to make their shots, they move their cues back slowy, and then move forward in the same motion as if you were aiming. This way, your shots usually do exactly as you aimed. This is also the way to make the long pots. Alot of people shoot long pots hard, because they think the ball won't go in the pocket anyway. Far from true. Shoot relaxed and you're halfway there.

5. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOOT EVERY SHOT HARD. THE example for this is Jimmy White (again snooker, but I've never seen a pool match on TV). He can shoot so s l o w . . . But his shots are good. In fact I think you play less good when you hit a ball harder. It all has to do with aiming the shot. When you take aim, and then whack the ball real hard, you're putting your "energy" (both mental and physical) in shooting that ball hard, and less in aiming the shot. Therefor you create a disadvantage for yourself. Also the harder you hit the ball, the bigger the chance that you'll hit it off the tabel.

6. FURTHER READING. Try Dennis Taylor's boook on Snooker (called "Play Snooker with Dennis Taylor), it explains not only the game of snooker (less interesting), gives tactical ideas and suggestions on stance, bridge etcetc. ISBN number is 90-6533-277-4.

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